Ekholmen, Stockholm

A Serene Archipelago Conferene Experience

Only 80 minutes from Stockholm

Conference & Events

At a separated part of the small, picturesque island of Ekholmen, you will walk under the branches of gigantic oak trees and stroll by the shoreline embracing the stunning ocean view. Inside the houses, you will be able to subside in front of fired stoves for cold nights, or stay outside wrapped up in blankets, surrounded by complete silence.

We arrange seasonal events for companies of any kind – board meetings, full day conferences and fantastic dinners. We will make sure to take your event to a whole new level.

One day conference

On the day of your arrival, our hostess Annika will welcome you with freshly baked buns. After some deep breaths of clear ocean air, you will be ready to kick off your stay by the fire in the conference room.
At lunchtime, you will be served a warm fish casserole. After lunch, you may continue your conference until dinner time, but we kindly advice you to use the sauna both before and after dinner, to experience it in both daylight and (possibly starlit) darkness.
In the evening, you will be offered a selection of meat, fish and/or vegetables to grill on warm teppanyaki stoves, accompanied by typical Japanese sauces and beverages of your choice. Depending on the season and weather, dinner will be served either outside on the dock, or inside in our cozy dinner room.
The following day, Annica will serve a breakfast including freshly baked bread and fresh juices. Some hours later, Annica will arrange a pre-lunch traditional Swedish fika.
Before you leave, you will enjoy a lunch consisting of a selection of hearing, side dishes and boiled potatoes.
Finally, Annica knows the place inside and out, and will help you with any kind of assistance to make your stay a memorable one.
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12 separated bedrooms: ten double and two single rooms. 22 beds in total
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The sauna is located three meters from the ocean. A big window lets you enjoy the ocean view from inside the sauna. Two showers are located in connection to the sauna.​
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There is a 100 % likelihood that you will see or meet a deer during your stay (at least if you get up before 7 am).


”Marknadsföring som gör skillnad” – En unik 1,5 dagars workshop –  för dig som vill ta nästa steg som chef inom marknadsföring.

4-5 maj 2020
Start: Måndag 4:e maj 8.00
Avslut: Tisdag 5:e maj 15.00

18-19 maj 2020
Start: Måndag 18:e maj 8.00
Avslut: Tisdag 19:e maj 15.00

Price estimates


Up to 20 Patricipants
kr 15 000 /conference*
  • Package includes conference room, fika, lunch and afternoon tea or coffee


Overnight Stay
kr 2995 /person*
  • Package includes conference with full board overnight stay

Special Arrangements

Season Events
kr 3995 /person*
  • Package includes Special arrangements with overnight stay

How to get here

To get to Ekholmen, a 45 minutes drive by car, taxi or bus will take you from Stockholm to Stavsnäs Vinterhamn.

In Stavsnäs, you will be picked up by a boat and go for a 15 minutes ride through Stockholm’s beautiful middle archipelago, until you arrive at Ekholmen

Contact Us

Please contact us and we will make sure to create the conference experience that you want. 

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